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I am --.I am a happy girl.I like dogs and cats,they are very nice.I like singing ang dancing too ,they are very interesting. welcome to my home!!! I am summer.

My Chinese name is --. I am 5 years old. I come from Yantai--a beautiful seashore city. There are three people in my family. They are my dear father, my dear mother and I. We have a pleasant home. I like green, yellow and blue. I like apples, pears and bananas.

My favorite animal is bird. I like singing and dancing. I like playing the Electronic Organ. But I like learning English the best. Welcome to my blog!

Let's be good friends


My name is --. I am eight years old and a student in class 201 of -- road primary school. The first person who met me was impressed with my eyes, though not quite, but full of spirit and wisdom. I am a young man who loves to study, love life and love science. Normally, I like reading, sports, singing, these hobbies, not only cultivated my various aspects of the ability, but also let me develop the good habit of self-reliance.

In the school, I respect the teacher, unite classmates, like to help others, is the classmate's good partner, the teacher's little assistant. In my family, I know how to be filial to my parents, and often help my parents to do the little things I can do.

In the treatment of learning, I work hard, hard to learn to ask, encounter difficulties, brave face. Under the care of teachers and parents, I also made small achievements. In the usual discipline quiz, my grades often come out on top. In the "sunshine cup" discipline competition in huaihe road primary school in 2008, my composition, Olympic number, writing and other competitions are on the list. After the class, I also learned to pull the erhu, now has passed the five-level e-amination.

"There is no end to learning." I know that my path to learning is just beginning. In the future, I will use learning as a game to make myself happy and poetically. Although the life will encounter all sorts of difficulties and setbacks, but I believe, with the help of the teachers and students, as long as a goal in your heart, hard work and tireless, all aspects of performance to the ne-t level.


I am a 12 years old boy. Smart and handsome. I am proud of myself. Because I can get perfect scores in Chinese, Maths and English. It is not good enough. I am also proud of being an elder brother. That is a Friday evening, my baby brother was crying all the time. My parents were both cooking for dinner. I said to my mum, let me look after this little thing. My mum said, "Are you sure you can?" "Yes ,believe me I can." I answered. Then mum went to the kitchen. I went towards my baby brother." Oh baby, don't cry.

I will sing a song for you…" I carried him and sing songs for him. After a while, he was asleep. I was so tired. My parents were happy and praised me a good boy. This is my first time to look after my baby brother and I feel proud of myself.


Hi, my name is ___. I'm __ years old, a middle school student apparently.

I love music very much although I'm not very good at singing. I've been playing guzheng, an ancient traditional instrument for a long time and now I'm in level 10, which means a really high level among the amateurs. Apart from that, I also like to reading and writing. They both give me a lot of fun and build my unique personality as well as my goal and dream. I like Wangfei very much. She could be my favorite singer.... Personally, I've been considering I have a really complicated personality BECause sometimes don't really like to study, sometimes.

However, I'm very positive and look forwards to my future BECause I'm the one who will realize my goal.


Hi, everyone. I'm winnie the pooh! Big name --. My mother said that I was born on a sunny day after a continuous rain, so it was a "beautiful sun", which gave the whole family a brilliant light!!

I'm a thinking boy, like winnie the pooh, who always raises his right fist at a question, and thinks, thinks, thinks... I like reading books best, astronomical geography, historical future, fairy tale reality, all is my love! My dad says he didn't go to school until he was 8 years old, and when he was ten years old, he couldn't read a storybook until he was ten years old, but he laughed at me: I had "read ten thousand books" since I was five years old! You say, we two who can do??

Besides reading books, I also like military and sports. I like the models of cars, airplanes, ships, missiles and rockets. I like watching sports and watching sports cars. I don't like to cry, even if dad beats me, because I'm a man! When I grew up, I was going to be a soldier, and I was going to practice taekwondo -- mainly to my father, who would teach me to teach me. Learn to operate a variety of high-tech weapons -- that's a bad guy, of course!

By then, you will all be sitting at home in peace - because, there is me!!!