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| 倩仪



Good afternoon (morning), professors:

It is my great pleasure to be here. My name is mingmingzhou , graduated from Computer Science Department of Wuhan University.During my four-year study in the university as an under-graduate student, I have built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge, as well as a rich experience of social activities. I am a determined person, always willing to achieve higher goals.

What's more, I am good at analysis, with a strong sense of cooperation. All of these led me to the success of passing the first round of the entrance examination to the Master's degree. Personally, I am very humorous and easy-going, enjoying a good relationship among my classmates.

In my spare time, I like to read books regarding how to be myself and how to deal with problems. Music and movies are my favorite entertainments. As for my sport interest, I could not deny my greatest interest is football. Playing this game brings me a lot of glory, happiness and passion.

All in all, Wuhan University, with a highly qualified faculty and strong academic environment is the university I have long admired. I believe that I am a very qualified applicant for admission into your Master of IT program and can contribute to the enrichment or diversity of your university.


I am warm and cheerful personality, friendly, honest and humble. Hard work, serious and responsible, can bear hardships and stand hard work, due diligence, patience. Affinity, approachable, good at communicating with people.

Study hard seriously, outstanding achievements, among the best. Excellent in character and learning, for three consecutive years to obtain College scholarships.

Served as the Department of student outreach Department of cadres, deputy minister, the Youth League organization life member of the class, the students work and go out sponsorship links with the business process, greatly improving their work and their ability. In addition, actively participate in extra-curricular activities, a variety of social activities and part-time work, in order to increase their experience, improve their ability. Work experience in the way, exercise eloquence and interpersonal skills. For two consecutive years to get college summer social practice activists, student union outstanding officer and other honorary titles.

In normal school life, has done a lot of part-time. For example: tutor, telephone interviewers, restaurant waiter, leaflets, questionnaire survey, and also to the factory a summer job, experience a variety of different operational procedures and work methods, exercise become diligent spirit, and from the work to appreciate the fun and dedication.

Four years of college, so my organizational skills, management ability, strain ability greatly improved, so I have a good psychological quality, let me have a greater competitive advantage, let me go farther in life. Obtained the title of "excellent college students" and "outstanding graduates".







It’s my pleasure to be here to introduce myself. That’s a difficult question. I think all the night. How to introduce myself? Tell you who I am? You all know my name is Liu Xiaonao. Tell you what my major is or what I am doing now? You all know I study ink-jet paper, and yesterday you all my examiners.

So today I’ll tell you my characters and favorites. I’m an open-minded, kind and smart girl. I like dancing, especially national and classical dancing, waltz is also my love. Dancing can make me relax when I study tired. But about two years I have no chance to dance because my study subject is more attractive than dancing. Last month I began to study play piano. But till now I only can play one song “jasmine flower”. Maybe I’m a slow learner. I also like drama. I had participated in the exam of actress.

I’m very luck I succeed in the exam. But make me surprised the director asked me to give him 50,000 yuan. So I went back to my study. Now I realize what I really like. That’s my major—printing and paper making. It’s the place which can actualize my own personal worth. That’s my life, wonderful life and interesting life. I hope the sun is always in my life. Thank you.


Leaders, Members:

Hello, everybody!

My name is _X, from Hunan _, I am cheerful, honest, easy to get along with others; likes playing basketball, climbing and running.

I am very pleased and honored to join the “_” to the family, where not only provided me with a growth exercise, showing a good platform for self, but also for giving me the chance to meet more new colleagues, new friends. - To take this, I am very grateful to all the leaders, thank you all so give me a good opportunity.

I first arrived, there are many aspects of the knowledge I need to learn, but also hope in future we can work great weekend!

I believe that through our mutual understanding and mutual understanding, we will not only become a career go hand in hand with the struggle of his comrades, life will be like-minded, woe friend.

Finally, I would like and we can work together for our common cause and work hard!

Thanks everyone!


The judges hello everyone, I am a graduating computer science undergraduates. University four years, for I laid a solid foundation of professional theory, good organization ability, team cooperation spirit, pragmatic work style and good communicating ability.

On theory study, I learn professional knowledge seriously theory, at the same time of learning professional required courses, I also read a lot of computer books. At the same time for legal, literature and other aspects of the non-professional knowledge I also have a keen interest. During the period of school, has repeatedly in the professional exam places for single one. Get on a scholarship, third-class scholarship five times. Is a the best students, unanimously praised by teachers and classmates.

On the professional knowledge, I besides proficient in Visual Basic, SQL Server, ASP, familiar with Linux and Windows 9 x/Me/NT / 20_ / XP operating system, familiar with Office, WPS Office > automation software. Also self-study HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and other web design related software. Able to skillfully use for commonly used software. With ease.

At work, served as a member of student, vice President and so on, the current computer science league organization department minister. Organization department, class parties, spring outing and other activities, by teachers and students's consistent high praise. Ideological cultivation, quality excellent, I thought progress, abidioy his honesty, the letter, the ritual, the wisdom of life principle.

In social practice, four years of university life, strict to myself, I pay attention to the cultivation of the ability, especially the practice ability is my strong suit. Once many times to participate in social practice activities, has certain practical experience and ability. No matter what kind of work in the future, I will take the new job as a new starting point, constantly learning and enhance professional skills, my tireless learning attitude in and style of the steadfast responsible do every work well.