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  Hi, Good afternoon everyone :

  My name is _x .And I am from No._x Overseas Chinese Middle School of _x .It is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview . I would like to answer whatever you may raise , and I hope I can make a good performance today .Now let me introduce myself briefly .

  I am _x years old . I graduated from “_x University”in _x . And then I got a higher degree in“ _x university ” in _x . I have worked for _x years since I graduated from the university .And I have been a headteacher for _x years .

  Being a teacher is tired but excited . Having taught for so many years , I think I am experienced in teaching field . I have ever got much honor in teaching , but still I think I need a new environment to challenge myself .

  I am open—minded , quickly thoughs and skillful in searching for information on internet . I can operate computer well . In my spare time, I have broad interests .Such as reading ,surfing the internet ,enjoying music ,writing some articles on my blog and even chatting with foreign friends online if possible .


  Dear Sir or Madame:

  Hello ! I 'm _ ,I feel I will be fit for the job needed in your company. I’m 22 years old and in good health. After graduation from __a middle school, I have studied IT for many years. I am a better man.Do well in personal responsibility ,I am good at both operating a PC,I like palying and listening to the music.I’m interested in the position .

  I want very much to be accepted by your company. I’ll work hard if I can be a member in your company.


  It is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview; I hope I can make a good performance today. I'm confident that I can succeed.

  Now I will introduce myself briefly

  I am 25 years old, born in Henan province. I graduated from Henan University. My major is electronic, and I got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 2004.

  I spend most of my time on study, I have passed CET4/6, and I have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time. In July 2003, I begin working for a small private company as a technical support engineer in Beijing. Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.

  And in August 2004,I left Beijing to Tangshan and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer. Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Moreover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company environment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.


  I am a recent college graduate with a B.A. degree in automotive marketing &management. I have also been part of a family-owned automobile distributorship for nearly all my life, so cars are my life!

  I noticed your advertisement for automotive sales and marketing assistant in the June 14th edition of the Dover star,and have submitted my resume for your consideration

  You mentioned in the advertisement that the successful candidate must have:

  1) A bachelor of arts degree I do

  2) Excellent communications skills I do

  3) Ability to work well with people at all levels I do

  4) Eagerness to learn and "pay my dues" I am and I will

  This is a job that I believe was made for me. I am familiar with your operation, as I am originally from this area. I an available immediately, and offer you competence, dedication, and a good work ethic if you don't mind, I will call you next week to see if a personal interview can be scheduled.


  After completing my military service, I have been looking for a challenging goal for me to achieve. And I found that the Intermediate of General English Proficiency Test fits my new achievement properly.

  I graduated from Taipei Commercial Junior College, majored in business administration. Instead of spending much time in playing, I devoted myself to my studies and paid attention to all meaningful things happened in daily life. By the way, I learned a lot from Mr. Wang, the professor of my business class. He is my good friend till now an often gives some appropriate suggestions toward my problem confusion.