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Good morning, professors.

I am ___ from ___ university, and my major is ___. Today ,it’s my great honor to be here. Now let me briefly introduce myself to you.

I am very humorous and easy-going, enjoying a good relationship among my classmates. During the past three years, I have worked very hard at my studies. As a result ,I built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge. I’d like to take the chances to put them into practice via many kinds of projects and contests. Such e_perience has taught me the theoretical principles and practical methods to carry out research antivities. What's more, now I am good at analysis, with a strong sense of cooperation. I am always willing to achieve higher goals.

In my spare time, I was very active and took part in different social activities, especially the volunteer activities, which cultivated me leadership skills, team spirits and the ability to deal with problems. Besides, books and sports are also my favorite entertainments.

Although I have broad interests in many aspects and grasp the essential knowledge of the major, but I think at present, I can do many things in a superficial level, but not be competent to do things professionally owing to lack of ample knowledge and ability. So I think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value.

All in all, ___ university, with a highly qualified faculty and strong academic environment is the one which I have long admired. So I hope to enter this college and further my education here.

That’s all .Thank you.


Dear Sir:

The reason why I want to go Singapore is I like to learn some different culture and I can meet a lot people from all around the world, that way I can make more friends. I like the weather in Singapore also. I will go back to china, the reason is very simple, because I am a Chinese I will never forgot my country. Be honestly, I will pick Tsinghua University, because to go to Tsinghua University is one of the biggest dreams in my life and Tsinghua University is the best University in my country.

If I like literature, I probably will like comedies more, beacuse I am an optimism and I want to make reader happy when they ready my essay. I want to be success in every single class in the university, when I graduate me want to be a business administration.

I like to read the novel in my spare time.

My goal is to graduate as soon as possible, and find a good job, a husband and make allot money. I do have idol in my mind, she is my mother, she is very great woman and she will do every thing for me.

I think high school entrance e_amination is very easy, but I know I still have allot think should learn.


Dear Sir:

I am ___. I was born in ___. I graduate from senior high school and major in English. I started learning English since I was 12 years old. My parents have a lot of American friends. That’s why I have no problem communicating with Americans or others by speaking English.

In my spare time, I like to do anything relating to English such as listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes. I used to go abroad for a short- term English study. During that time, I learned a lot of daily life English and saw a lot of different things.

I think language is very interesting. I could e_press one substanceby using different sounds. So I wish I could study and read more English literatures and enlarge my knowledge.


o Whom It May Concern:

As the Dean of Stonewell College, I have had the pleasure of knowing Hannah Smith for the last four years. She has been a tremendous student and an asset to our school. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Hannah for your graduate program. I feel confident that she will continue to succeed in her studies. Hannah is a dedicated student and thus far her grades have been e_emplary. In class, she has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them. Hannah has also assisted us in our admissions office. She has successfully demonstrated leadership ability by counseling new and prospective students.

Her advice has been a great help to these students, many of whom have taken time to share their comments with me regarding her pleasant and encouraging attitude. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Hannah without reservation. Her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Roger Fleming Dean of Stonewell College.


Dear Sir:

Good morning/afternoon everyone! It is my honor to be here and I really appreciate you offer me the chance of interview .Now I will introduce myself first .My name is ___ from _iangfan in Hubei province. I'm an honest, responsible, and warm-hearted person. I can adapt different environments quickly .Second I like this kind of field very much and I take it as my career .Till now I have one year e_perience in this field. As a 21 years man, I'd like to e_perience more to enrich myself and then it can help me to laid good foundation for my future career .

There is no use doing what we love ,we must love we do just like the field. At the same time, I am really proud of myself applying for this job. I hope you can give me a chance and I will try my best to do it better. Finally,I hope your hotel can become the best one among hotel industry.Thanks for your time.