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My name is Li Yang.I graduated from Lanzhou University and majored Mechanical Engineering.

I was once a poor student of English,and it was my biggest headache and trouble-maker.I got sick and tired of learning boring grammar rules and lifeless words.

But through hard work in practicing speaking English and breaking away from the traditional grammar games,I found myself a totally different and e-citing new world.Not only did I pass Band four and Band si- College English E-ams very easily with high marks,but importantly,I began to use English.

Finally,I developed a new Language Cracking System myself,I began to teach German not long after I started to learn this terribly difficult language in my own way.It was a miracle but I made it.To speak


dream, it is a fantastic word! i like it! everyone has a dream, so do i. we can’t do anything without dream!

i like wild animals. tiger, elephant, panda, polar bear, koala and dolphin! they are so lovely! there are so many animals live in the wild! i like them!but many wild animals are facing the danger of e-tinction. for e-ample, with the development of cities, their living areas have become narrower and narrower. many of the wild animals, now are confronted with food crisis. at the same time, man is killing them just for getting their fur, skin, teeth and meat.

protect them, protect our resources of ecology too. all of us should realize that the loss of any species is the loss of ourself. killing wild animals certain is prohibited. we should say “no!”to leather clothing. we should say “no!” to eat them. we should set up many national parks as wild life. let them live there, happy and safe.

wild animals and us are member of the planet!


Everybody is good, I was young in the! Very glad to come to your company for an interview today!

I am 26 years old this year, graduated from the Hunan Vocational College of Engineering Department of information engineering, School of information management professionals! Graduated in 2007 to now almost 5 years, I used to be a programmer, network maintenance, testing and so on work! I hope your company can give me a chance! Thank you.


My name is -- .21years old. Graduated from -- school. My hobbies, such as reading e-tensively, dancing, singing, etc. I think English is very useful to us, because the world many people speak English, if I can speak good English, I can talk with them and with their friends.

So I hope to have the chance to e-ercise myself. In my home, my father has three people in the catering company work, my mother is a housewife, I sometimes very outgoing personality sometimes love quiet, I believe I can do this job. Glad to meet you can today.

I hope you can give me this opportunity, thank you


Hello everybody.My name is (Lily) .Im (twenty )years old. I live in (beijing)。I very love English. I read English every day. I yell English every day, My favorite sports are tennis and swimming.

I play tennis all the time since I'm a child. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. We are all interested in English. My parents want me to be an English thacher when I graduate. I hope we can be friends.let's help each other from now.